Letter: Bullying Trump sets a bad example

Bullying Trump sets a bad example

To the editor:

Let me start off by stating that I was not ever a supporter of Jeb Bush, or any of the Bush dynasty!

That stated, let me go on to say that I'm appalled that despicable candidate Donald Trump, actually bullied another person out of the presidential race. With grade school name-calling, baseless accusations and character assassination he was able to destroy Jeb Bush.

People are working so hard to bring this treacherous behavior under control in our schools, and here, on our national stage, we see the worst form of it, being played out on a daily basis, for the whole world to see. And, that world includes all of the children, who witness this behavior daily.

Donald Trump is a national disgrace and without a doubt the "poster boy" for bullying. I hope our children are wiser than his adult supporters.

Christine Jordan, Lenox


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