Letter: Buying into Bloomberg's enthusiasm for city

Buying into Bloomberg's enthusiasm for Pittsfield

To the editor:

I grew up admiring people like Mike Bloomberg. I never understood their enthusiasm, or their drive to make a difference, but I admired that they did have it. I used to think that I grew up in a different Pittsfield than people like Mike. I used to think that they were born on the right side of town, or with the right parents, and that was why they were able to be optimistic about this city.

I didn't grow up optimistic about this city at all. I grew up in the Wilson projects, where over half of the kids were from single parent homes like mine. I grew up watching drug deals go on in my back yard, and guys get taken to jail for beating up their girlfriends. I always wondered why no one ever did anything about it. Where were all the "grown ups?" Finally, I just gave up too, and resigned myself to what I thought was the inevitable decline of this city.

My attitude started to change a few years back when I met my wife. We have since had two amazing children, and today I am working to open my own business which provides healthy meals to the people of Pittsfield. My renewed desire, to see a city that I want to raise my son and daughter in, is how I came to meet Mike Bloomberg.

We met in June as a group of us took a walk down Tyler Street. Where I stood and saw empty buildings, Mike saw shops and restaurants. I watched, listened, and questioned him, as he explained the rise and fall of not only our city, but cities around the country, and what we can do to come back. He walked me through tax policies that hold back real estate development and introduced me to people who can help me with my business.

Mike's enthusiasm for Pittsfield is contagious. He has changed the way I look at our home, our problems, and all our potential. He has made me see Pittsfield as a place where I want to raise my family. I hope you will join me in voting for him for state representative in the Democratic primary on Sept. 8.

Zachary Durso, Pittsfield


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