Letter: Buying the Hamas party line


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

For the past several weeks the Eagle has apparently completely accepted the Hamas position regarding events in Gaza. I have been disconcerted but stayed silent. After seeing the Friday, August 1 edition, I can no longer remain silent.

Sixty-one years after their original use during the Army-McCarthy hearings, I will borrow the words of Joseph Welch to Senator Joe McCarthy to ask the Eagle "Have you no decency, sir?" To publish the political cartoon by Jeff Danziger, which purports to equate Gaza to the Warsaw ghetto, is to completely distort history and to attempt to equate today's Israel with Nazi Germany. In my opinion, there are no facts which allow such a comparison.

In the current push for transparency, I challenge the Eagle to share with us its research and thinking regarding the Hamas/Israel situation -- e.g., what does the phrase "The Repetition" imply? Why does the Eagle continuously slant its coverage to the Hamas side (selection of articles/columns to print, use of Hamas biased headlines on AP news stories) and maintain almost complete silence regarding Israeli supporting facts, opinions, etc.? How does one draw a historical campaign between the Nazi's treatment of the Jews of Poland (simply because they were Jews) and Israel responding to against a neighboring entity (remember the Pales tinian Authority and Hamas have ruled Gaza for the past several years) which started raining rockets upon their civilian population.

I look forward to your prompt response.




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