Letter: Candidates confront real alien issue

Candidates confront real alien issue

To the editor:

Through her campaign chairman, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton has finally zeroed in on a key issue.

Podesta told CNN that, as president, Clinton will demand the release of all classified documents relating to UFO sightings, especially documents involving the famous Area 51 in Nevada. Asked if the government has proof of alien life, he said: "That's for the public to judge once they've seen all the evidence".

This marks the first time the issue has been addressed by this year's presidential candidates, although according to recent polls it is the 198th most important issue facing the country, just below increased federal regulation of office football pools.

With the issue now open for discussion, we can expect to hear from the surviving Republican candidates, and probably Ben Carson as well. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that the Senate would not hold any hearings on the subject.

Several journalists have already followed up on the issue of the immigration status of any aliens who might turn up, raising the question of deportation. Trump immediately bleated that: "If they don't look like me they are out of here." Officials of both political parties have expressed an interest in the voting status of these aliens, while the IRS said it will consider demanding back taxes from them.

Podesta was careful to avoid specific details, which may suggest he has already had a peek at the classified documents. In any event, he told CNN: "The American people can handle the truth." Trump said on CNN: "This is a very surprising statement from anyone involved in a political campaign, very surprising," but later denied having said it. Still later he retracted his denial.

Richard C Henneberry, Melbourne Fla. Canaan, N.Y.


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