Letter: Candidates, media make for an awful campaign

Candidates, media make for an awful campaign

To the editor:

The pathetic march of presidential zombies that we have to choose from in this election, makes me want to vomit. Who do the Bushes and Clintons think they are? The owners of the United States?

First Bush the father, then Bush the son, and now Jeb Bush the other son who dragged his mother out with a walker into the snows of New Hampshire.

Then we have Bill Clinton, who is finally too old to chase women around the Oval office, with his "mother of all lies" wife who wears the pants in the family, barks like a dog and changes her voice in every state she goes to.

There is a doctor, who is a nice man, but needs at least five minutes to finish a sentence. Young Cruz and Rubio have turned into violent attack dogs against each other and anyone else who gets in their way. And they are both too young for this job. And all of them are attacking Trump.

The icing on the cake is good ole Bernie, the socialist with the mostest who's giving everything away for free!

And the man who is sitting back laughing at all of this is Obama. He's laughing because his job is almost over — he has completely destroyed the United States. The only thing accomplished during his term in office is that his wife forced every child in the United States to eat her school lunches.

Let's add every public news media and the pathetic reporters who repeat over and over and over again the same stale stories seven days a week.

This is what the greatest nation in the world has come to in 2016 — see you at the polls!

Beverly Gianokakis, Lenox


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