Letter: Candidates' negativity isn't good for nation

Candidates' negativity isn't good for nation

To the editor:

This year's presidential race has been quite a spectacle. Thus far we have witnessed a wide array of outlandish behaviors on the campaign trail, especially from the Republican candidates.

The antics of the Republican candidates are "R"-rated at times. Do we really want young people to think it's OK for politicians to use foul language, bullying tactics or undermining schemes to enhance their ranking in the political polls? Are these the behaviors we want them to emulate?

I doubt our Founding Fathers ever envisioned such a shameful display of negative behaviors from those who seek to lead our nation and uphold our constitutional rights. I don't believe what we currently see on TV or read about in the newspapers regarding the 2016 presidential campaign represents what's best for America. It's difficult to put faith in candidates who stoop so low that they are willing to do or say just about anything to defame the personal worth or value of their opponents.

America needs elected officials who possess and demonstrate integrity, strength, compassion and open-mindedness. These qualities aren't exclusive to presidential candidates. They are required of all public servants. It will take the collaborative effort of the House and the Senate working with the next elected president to make America strong.

Beverly J. Tobin, Pittsfield


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