Letter: Carbon tax key to climate change


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Regarding the Jan. 13 editorial, "Riding out the storms," I appreciate your attention to climate science and acknowledgment that we are seeing effects of a changed climate, from extreme cold and extreme heat to droughts and fires to floods and superstorms. However, the conclusion that there is little we can do is false. There are two things we can all do right now on a national level.

Every so often laws are rewritten. Today, people like you and me, can help rewrite our country’s energy tax policy and raise the social cost of carbon. A new energy tax policy drafted by The Senate Finance Committee calls for the development of clean energy for electricity and fuels, but it does not go far enough, leaving room for "clean fossil fuels" which are a misnomer and have no place in a new clean and green energy portfolio.

The U.S. can join the ranks of 15 other countries by implementing a carbon tax program as part of our new energy tax policy. Taxing carbon incentivizes businesses to reduce emissions. The funds collected can be passed on to you and me in the form of a monthly dividend or "green check." To ensure a clean and green energy tax policy send your comments to: Tax_Reform@Finance. Senate.gov and mailto:Tax_Reform@Finance. Senate.gov by Friday.

Did you know the federal government is mandated to factor in the "social cost of carbon" when making new regulations? The social cost of carbon is the value to society of reducing carbon emissions. The 2010 cost was factored by the U.S. government at $24 per metric ton of carbon dioxide and after careful scientific analysis, the proposed 2014 cost is $37 per metric ton. Putting a true cost on carbon will change the way our country does business.

This is no small matter. Please help end the debate and support the proposed increase in the social cost of carbon by submitting comments to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget on www.regulations.gov.




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