Letter: Carson's alarming ignorance on guns

Carson's alarming ignorance on guns

To the editor:

Ben Carson may be a brilliant surgeon but he can also be a silly man. His claim that Jews could have saved themselves under the Nazis if they were able to have guns is childish nonsense, promoted by the NRA to dumb down gun owners.

The Jewish population in Germany in the latter half of the 1930s was 0.75 percent, and after deleting women, children and the elderly that left about 0.25 percent able-bodied men to take on the Nazi army, and the Gestapo.

Many Jews were professionals — doctors, engineers, chemists, architects, lawyers and university professors — while others were in merchandising and retail stores in most towns and cities. Where, when and how would they carry their guns? Shoulder holsters, briefcase, desk drawer, locker in the lab, glove compartment, under the counter, at home under the bed? And how manage carrying extra ammunition, in case one clip of six, seven or ten bullets, would not be sufficient to fight off professional Nazi soldiers?

Remember what happened to the large, well-armed Polish underground in Warsaw that took on the Germans after having been told by the Russians that they would be attacking on the same day from the east — a complete lie that set up the Poles, who in short order were totally slaughtered by the Germans.

Perhaps Carson would use a presidential directive allowing, if not requiring, all citizens to pack iron to reduce crime throughout this great nation. Maybe since stuff happens, he would have enough support to get this through the Congress. Good Lord, let us hope not.

Richard Mason South Lee


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