Letter: Case wasn't made for electing Clinton

Case wasn't made for electing Clinton

To the editor:

It must have been excruciatingly hard for The Berkshire Eagle in its Sept. 4 editorial endorsing Hillary Clinton for president to find even one act that Hillary actually thought of and accomplished for the good of this country in the past 30 years.

In paragraph one, Hillary is described as an experienced and responsible public official with long experience in domestic and foreign affairs. Having over eight years to work on this, how's she doing? Just take a look at the news and see what a great world we live in both in the U.S. and the world.

And in paragraph two, she is credited with setting the stage for the landmark health reforms of Obamacare. Is Obamacare still around? I heard it was breaking up and falling apart. Did she implement a responsible foreign policy? Can anyone "name" the foreign policy that actually helped anyone? How about Benghazi, the Middle East or Europe?

Paragraph three says Hillary actually offers policies which don't get the attention they should. As one example, her economic reform plan based largely on tax cuts for the middle class, targeted tax hikes, and an ambitious infrastructure improvement plan is described as "thoughtful" and "realistic." Why didn't she implement these plans during the last eight years?

And here's the cherry on the Democratic cake, paragraphs four and five covering her habitual lies and acts against the safety of our country. Name one presidential candidate who would even think of setting up a twisted, diabolical plan to have a top secret government server with a personal server and a business foundation server all hooked up together in a neat little bow for the convenience of one woman to control her whole empire at the same time!

Paragraphs six, seven, eight and 10 are all about Trump. But paragraph nine is very special. "We believe that in shattering the glass ceiling she has the potential to be a great president."

I believe that if Hillary shatters the glass ceiling we are all going to die from broken glass.

Beverly Gianokakis, Lenox


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