Letter: Charter encouraging cutting of cable cord

Charter encouraging cutting of cable cord

To the editor:

If Charter Spectrum cable decides to scramble its signal — due to piracy issues it claims but no one seems to be able to prove — it will require a de-scrambler converter box for each TV. There will likely be several choices for subscribers to rent and not buy:

* A larger HD box with premium channels.

* A larger HD box with premium channels and a DVR.

* A small box with HD but no premium channels nor a DVR.

The company indicated the fee for the smaller box might be $6.99 per TV per month. Larger boxes are usually more.

It should be able to de-scramble the signal at the point the line enters your home and not require one per TV. Many times those units required at each TV don't work at initial set-up and require a tech visit to get it working. It will be difficult for many people to hook themselves up and very expensive for people with multiple TVs. Thus, it will discourage owning multiple TVs and the TV companies will sell fewer products!

In fact, it seems younger people are buying fewer TVs and watching on IPads through the Internet and using services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Roku and cutting the cable cord. This outrageous scrambling plan will likely result in more of us cutting the cable cord!

Sheryl Rosenfield, Lee


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