Letter: Charters part of effort to win control of schools

Charters part of effort to win control of schools

To the editor:

So, Jeb Bush sails into a cushy sinecure in Massachusetts and immediately starts preaching his charter school religion. [Bush joined the Program on Education Policy and Government this fall at Harvard University.]

Jeb's record on education when he was governor of Florida is not so great, so I'm not sure where his expertise comes from to decide what is excellence in education.

Oh wait, I do know. It is the Republican/Libertarian attempt to privatize public education, taking money away from public schools and using it to fund private schools that have no accountability to the communities in which they are built. Many charter schools are for-profit and have wealthy investors, yet they take millions away from children who go to public school.

Bush's Foundation for Excellence in Education is a nonprofit that is most likely funded by the dark money that is pushing charter schools. That dark money comes from outside of Massachusetts and is a nationwide attempt to control local communities affairs and politics.

Vote "no" on ballot Question 2! Do not raise the cap on charter schools.

Cynthia M. Pease, Sheffield


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