Letter: Chemtrails should be a priority


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Weather forecasters call for a sunny day today in the Berkshires with scattered chemtrails dulling down the suns rays! This should be the reality in weather forecasting today but no one seems to care or even take notice of this ever-growing trend that is harmful to all life on this planet.

During a particularly sunny morning during the second week February, I became seriously concerned about the grid of chemtrails being sprayed across our skies by unknown aircraft. I finally decided to direct my concern to US Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office about the deliberately obvious spraying of something into the sky by aircraft over the Berkshires.

I spoke to one of her aides who had never heard of this and was quickly redirected to another aide who also never heard of such spraying though she was eager to hear what I had to report. I proceeded to explain my concern over what these aircraft were spraying into the air and that you can generally see two or more aircraft working in unison creating these grid-type patterns that in a couple hours spread out to form a haze. I included that it usually occurs in the eastern sky in the morning and the western sky in the afternoon and that the haze is silvery and eventually "dulls" the intensity of the sun while sometimes creating a rainbow effect around it. I have also viewed the spraying at different times throughout the day. I demanded to know who is doing this and what it is exactly that’s being sprayed into our air at what appears to be in the 15-20,000 foot range.

The aide proceeded to ack-
nowledge record of my concern and said she would pass this on to Washington and that I should hear back in a couple weeks on the findings. Well, it’s been well over a couple of weeks now and I’ve heard nothing from Ms. Warren’s office or anyone from Washington DC.

In light of this I did a little due diligence of my own and found some horrific things from credible sources that should concern everyone including Ms. Warren. I’m not here to talk about political agendas or to voice my opinion on climate change, I’m here to create awareness about the harmful list of chemicals currently being sprayed around the Berkshires and the globe like: barium, nano aluminum coated fiberglass (known as CHAFF), radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, aluminum oxides, and nickel just to name a few. I’m concerned about the intended use and ultimate consequences of these materials being dumped on us.

Ms. Warren, you, your family and friends will also have to breathe the air, drink the water and eat the same food grown on the same Earth as we all do. Please do something about these poisons! Make it one of your agenda items to clean-up Massachusetts and the other states will follow.




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