Letter: Cheshire must react to closing


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

With a sad heart, I lament the closing of North Adams Regional Hospital. My heart goes out to the many dedicated workers and volunteers who have given their lives to the hospital.

I am also concerned about the residents of Cheshire as well as the many residents of Northern Berkshire who depend on the dedicated services that the hospital provided. The elder residents of Cheshire more than anyone depend on access to quality medical care. With transportation always being a problem, the Cheshire Select Board must step in with a plan to deal with the closing. The citizens of Cheshire and their families want to know who their doctor is going to be, what hospital they go to and how they will get there. Do our fire department and EMTs have the resources to provide needed services? We need to have plan and inform residents of what it is.

I see billions being spent on football stadiums, cruise missiles and tax credits for fracking. Let’s spend some of our tax dollars on keeping NARH open.




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