Letter: 'Christian' candidates need to act that way

'Christian' candidates need to act that way

To the editor:

I think it's worth addressing the issue of "Christian faith" brought to the forefront by both the candidates for the office of US president and the comments made by Pope Francis.

I believe the Pope was commenting on Mr. Trump's actions as a Christian and not his faith. No one can question another's faith as that is very personal. What you can question is another's Christianity.

To be truly a Christian is to follow Christ's example and be compassionate and understanding, loving and kind to other human beings. It is almost to treat them better than you would treat yourself. It seems to me that Pope Francis could easily have wondered about the other candidates who are also professing their faith but who are running the nastiest campaign to date, calling each other liars and only addressing their feelings about each other and not the issues that concern most of us in this nation.

It would be very refreshing if they would put all this aside and cover the issues and start acting like the Christians that they profess to be.

Anne Fix, Lee


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