Letter: Christians must counter the war on Christmas


To the editor:

The real war on Christmas consists of three major issues.

1. The anti-Christ groups attempting to strip Christians of the right to freedom of speech. 2. The anti-Christ groups attempt to wipe Jesus Chris out of the Christmas holiday. 3. The anti-Christ groups who don't give us Christians the exact same respect that they demand.

I am one Christian who will always say Merry Christmas and believe in and speak of Jesus Christ, all the while giving other religions their respect. My book, the holy Bible, teaches us to treat others the way we want to be treated. What does your book teach you?

I wish all of you Christians a very merry Christmas! I encourage you to do the same. Please don't let Jesus be forgotten, please teach your children the meaning of Christmas according to our religion. Don't let anti-Christ people shame you into saying "happy holiday."

Kathy Withers, Lee


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