Letter: Christmas spirit alive at city post office

Christmas spirit alive at city post office

To the editor:

I recently took some gifts to the Pittsfield Post Office to find the right size box and then mail them to my son in Germany. I saw a couple filling a box and asked them if they thought my gifts would fit in their box. They did, and the woman offered to go get the box for me! When she returned, I filled the box and got in the long line.

When I reached the counter, I realized that I had a priority mail box. The clerk suggested that I change to a plain box, which would save me over $30. I decided to do that and he gave me his tape to use. I picked out a plain box and went to a counter to put it together. A second couple was there also filling a box. I was having trouble trying to hold the box and tape it. This young man offered to help me. However, it turned out that the box was too big. He offered to get me a smaller box and when he returned, he and his wife filled my box and taped it with their own tape! In the meantime, they had not completed their own box. I thanked them, we hugged, and I got back in line.

When I got to the next clerk, he asked for the form for mailing overseas. I had left it on the counter. I got out of line and went back to get the form and found a set of keys. I got back in line and was asking if anyone lost their keys. A young man in front of me shouted in a loud voice, "Did anyone lose their keys?" A woman came running over and was thanking us profusely, The young man and I began a conversation and others joined in as the line moved forward.

As I got closer, the clerk told me to move to the front of the line, since it was my third time through! After almost two hours at the Post Office, I came away feeling so happy and realizing that the Christmas spirit is alive and well at the Pittsfield Post Office!

Patricia A. Burno, Pittsfield


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