Letter: Circus animal ban is misguided, unnecessary

Circus animal ban is misguided, unnecessary

To the editor:

With all the fuss in Pittsfield about wanting to ban animals in the circus, people need to realize how important animals are in our lives. They provide us with food, clothing, fossil fuel for automobiles, and most important, love and companionship. As one who has five dogs I have first hand knowledge of how much they mean to me and my wife.

Recent letters call into question what first hand knowledge the writers have of abuse of any animal in the circus. Where have they seen in person any abuse? What is on the national animal rights websites is either old or has been edited to get people to send in more money to support their cause. This money does not help the animals we all love. Check the IRS website on how your well-meaning dollars are actually spent.

The circus is a true performing art for over 200 years with animals and amazing human performers. As one who has been around circuses for 58 years and a sponsor for 24 years I have never seen any abuse of circus animals. On the contrary I have met with animal caregivers, talked with them and learned how they care for their companion animals.

As I have done for the last few years I have invited those who oppose animals in the circus to meet with me so we can better understand each other's views and respect them.

As for the ban in Pittsfield, no circus has appeared there for about six to seven years. None is scheduled to come. So what is the purpose of this ban? Is it just to get headlines?

America is about freedom of choice. Do not like something, do not support it. Our great country is being torn apart by these left wing groups trying to take away the rights and freedoms our servicemen are dying for.

I urge all Pittsfield residents to contact Mayor Tyer and City Council members and tell them not to support this ban. Pittsfield has far more important issues to address, like drug and gang problems, lost jobs, getting new businesses to come to the city and trying to get our young people to stay here.

Come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 26 at Pittsfield City Hall at 7 pm and help us to keep animals in the circus.

Dan McGinnis Sr., Dalton The letter was also signed by Mary J. McGinnis.


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