Letter: City Council bought into radical animal rights agenda

City Council bought into radical animal rights agenda

To the editor:

On August 9, the Pittsfield City Council passed a ban on performing animals in the circus. If you go to the council's website for the August 9 meeting and scroll down to Article 30, you will find much information from a radical animal rights website.

Those of us who opposed the ban gave to the city clerk many documents from noted persons on animal care. In addition, she was given a petition with 222 signatures, 80 from Pittsfield, who opposed the ban. None of our material was put up on the meeting agenda for August 9 meeting. Why? Was this already decided by council members before meeting? Sure looks that way.

In one article was a statement that yaks, camels and elephants are domestic animals. Again no consideration by the City Council on any of our articles given them.

The Berkshire Voters For Animals (BVFA) was invited to the Dalton circus many times to meet with animal caregivers and learn about how they care for and train their animal companions. The group has never done so and continues to make claims about animal abuse in the circus. How can you make these claims if you do not see for yourself how animals are cared for instead of getting it off some national animal rights website?

I am sure that the BVFA cares about animals as we all should. If it does not want to believe our side, then by meeting with us, we could come to a better understanding of both of our issues. This will continue to be a problem for both sides if we do not meet. Is it not better to meet and discuss these issues?

In Massachusetts, there are 351 cities and towns with now nine bans. In the U.S., there are 18,443 cities and towns with 51 bans. Certainly not a growing number as they claim. Many of these bans were done behind closed doors without the citizens having a say in this matter. Pittsfield elected not to let their voters decide and chose instead to take away their freedom of choice.

That is why there is so much unrest in America today. We need to respect each other's rights which these animal rights groups, and BVFA, do not do.

To learn more on what these groups are all about go to consumerfreedom.com website. Check out Douglas McPherson's article in the Huffington Post titled "Animal rights or welfare."

It is time for Pittsfield residents and voters to contact city officials and tell them you want them to reconsider this ban and let voters decide.

It is time for all of us who love this great country of ours to say no to these special interest groups.

Dan Mcginnis Sr., Dalton


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