Letter: City election letters

City election letters

Because of the high volume, The Eagle could not run every letter it received related to the Nov. 3 elections in North Adams and Pittsfield. The following letters arrived before the deadline with the necessary identifying information but did not run by Sunday, the last day The Eagle runs letters before a Tuesday election.

Endorsing Daniel Bianchi for re-election as mayor of Pittsfield — Tonya Courting, Marjorie Allen, Gene Nadeau and Franz Forster and Pam Malumphy, all of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Linda Tyer for mayor of Pittsfield — Edith Mingalone, Bernard Auge, and Ben (former city councilor) and Lore Kaplan, all of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Craig Gaetani for mayor of Pittsfield — David Bubriski and John C. Rodick of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Richard Alcombright for re-election as mayor of North Adams — Rick Vaughan, Chris Caproni (past president of the North Adams Teachers Union), Gabriella Bond, Thomas W. Bernard, Thomas Ryan, Alexander Giesser, Jessica Sweeney, Jack Savage, Curtis Cowell, Lois Daunis, George Forgea Lisa Jarisch, and, writing one letter, Shannon Barrett, Lynette Bond, Shelley Daly, and Michele Harris, all of North Adams.

Endorsing John Barrett for mayor of North Adams — Paulette Wein, Merle Knight, Jo Anne LaForest, Thomas Shaw and Shane Roberts, all of North Adams.

Endorsing Kathleen Amuso for Pittsfield city councilor at large — Anna Stack and Peg Figel, both of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Peter White for Pittsfield city councilor at large — Mike Bloomberg of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Peter Marchetti of Pittsfield city councilor at large — Steve White of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Joseph Nichols for Pittsfield city councilor at large — Jodi Mathis and Dena Porter of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Taylor DiSantis for Pittsfield city councilor at large — Nina Wojcik of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Mike Merriam for Pittsfield Ward 2 city councilor — Kim Sweeney of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Donna Todd Rivers for Pittsfield Ward 5 city councilor — Maya Bahl of Dalton.

Endorsing Kathy Lloyd for Pittsfield Ward 7 city councilor — Melisa Krzysztof of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Josh Cutler for Pittsfield School Committee — JM McKeever.

Endorsing Pam Farron for Pittsfield School Committee — Matthew Muller, John Cornman of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Salvatore Frieri for Pittsfield School Committee — Kenneth Kunes of Pittsfield.

Endorsing Tara Jacobs for North Adams School Committee — Joseph Smith of New York City.


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