Letter: City manager government will help fix broken Pittsfield

City manager govt. will fix Pittsfield

To the editor:

I believe the time has come for the city to go to the city manager type of government. For the past 40 years, the city has been run by the Good Old Boy Network, which has placed our city in the perilous position of going bankrupt in the not-too-distant future.

The mayor-City Council type of government was supposed to be a check-and-balance system but has morphed into a rubber-stamping style of government with no real checks and balances. In city elections the Good Old Boy Network not only chooses a mayor but they elect a City Council and School Committee to insure total city dominance with the taxpayer being the ultimate loser who has to pay the bills for these big spenders. They support the special interest groups with exorbitant salaries and perks which make them some of the highest earners in the city. The average taxpayer is a week's paycheck from disaster.

We must put a stop to this type of city government as quickly as we possibly can. What must be done to turn this city back to fiscal responsibility is to vote out of office every present city official at the nearest possible time and for the average city resident who doesn't vote to be educated and brought up to speed as to what we as a group can do to take back our city.

The people I am talking about are you the taxpayers who haven't been involved in city government for a very long time. The city's future lies in your hands.

We see what the present city government has brought us, which isn't good, and we must ban together to change things for the better for everyone who lives and pays taxes in Pittsfield. We need to explore the city manager type of government as a viable alternative to what we have now, which is a failing leadership team holding city positions of great importance.

We need to put an end to the reign of the rich at the expense of we the middle class and poor. Many people we know have given up hope to change things here but this plays right into the game plan of the present city administration and allows it to continue to tax us to death and ultimately forces city residents to move to other locations because they can not afford to live here any further. We must unite and put an end to this once and for all.

Craig Gaetani, Pittsfield


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