Letter: City offices belong in City Hall


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The proposal by Mayor Bianchi to move city departments from City Hall to another location is not prudent or wise (Eagle, July 26.) We the people want all of our government offices under one roof in a city owned building. The added expense of $126,000 per year to a privately owned building is ludicrous.

As I entered the front doors of City Hall to pay my taxes I saw a plaque in the entryway that said our city offices began performing in this venerable City Hall in 1967 under the leadership of former Mayor Remo DelGallo, and the guidance of the late historian Sam Sass, a time when our city was thriving. Now with a city in dire straits and on the eve of destruction, this mayor wants to move these offices from City Hall to a privately owned building. This makes no sense, unless he wants them closer to his office at Global Montello.

This part-time mayor is, seemingly without City Council approval, moving government offices out of City Hall. I find this troubling that the business of "we the people" is being moved to a building that is not a public building owned by our city but rather one that is privately owned. This move is not prudent and it is ill-conceived. At a time when most communication and business is on-line reducing paper files and increasing efficiency, putting the taxpayers of our city and many seniors on fixed incomes on the hook for the $126,000 plus in rent per year, along with the cost of the move, is another unnecessary burden on "We the people."




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