Letter: City schools have fine new leader


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I am a member of the Lee School Committee, and I had the privilege to work with superintendent Jason "Jake" McCandless for five years. He worked with the School Committee, administrators, teachers, and other members of the community exceptionally well.

In the article "Earning higher grades" (Eagle, Jan. 4), it was nice to read the wonderful traits that Dr. McCandless exhibited in Lee are the same ones that he is continuing to exhibit in Pittsfield. Kathleen A. Amuso and Alfred E. "Alf" Barbalunga spoke of him being a great communicator who takes the time to explain situations in a lengthy e-mail or phone call. These were traits that I loved when he was in Lee, and I was appreciative of him being a unique superintendent and seeing outside of the box. These types of traits are very useful in a superintendent and it helps a district move forward.

The Pittsfield Public Schools are very fortunate to have Dr. McCandless as their new superintendent, and I’m glad that Pittsfield realizes what an asset they have in him. Since Dr. McCandless is the father of three children and a very caring individual, it also makes him a strong advocate for all children. Even though Pittsfield schools are much bigger than Lee schools, there is no doubt in my mind that he will keep the Pittsfield school district moving forward and in the right direction.




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