Letter: Civilized world must accept Israel as member

Civilized world must accept Israel as member

To the editor:

UNESCO, a body of the UN composed of 33 countries, has declared that there is no Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. It has been a holy site to the Jewish people and the nation of Israel for centuries.

France is organizing a major conference, involving many countries, to try to establish a country of Palestine on the West Bank. The state of Israel is not invited. The government of Israel has repeatedly tried to enter into face-to-face talks with Palestinians without pre-conditions. The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has refused to take part in such negotiations.

Last week, the United Nations Convention Against Torture accused Israel of violating the Convention Against Torture. Israel is meticulous in adhering to international standards and questions captured Arab terrorists in a civilized manner.

Neither the U.N., European Union or United States has taken a strong stand against the almost daily stabbings of Jews on the streets of Israel by Muslims.

These four points illustrate that there is a double standard in the world when the conduct of Israel is concerned. Twenty percent of Israel citizens are Arab. They and the Arabs (so-called Palestinians) living on the West Bank have the highest standard of living of any Arab population in the Muslim world. Arabs are students in Israeli universities, Arabs are in the Israeli police, Arabs are equal members in Israeli trade unions and about 12 Arabs are democratically elected members of the Israeli Parliament.

Yes, there is room for improvement. Nevertheless, it is time for the civilized world to accept Israel as a valued member of the world community.

Martin Silver, Lenox


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