Letter: Climate change fears hurting local economy

Climate change fears hurting local economy

To the editor:

If climate change were the certain danger activists make it out to be the activists would not exist.

People would spurn fossil fuels, convinced that failure to reform would have dire consequences. They would change their habits and willfully incur greater costs, and the markets would accommodate new behavior. This is not happening, however, as many Americans are unconvinced that radical change is necessary or even possible.

The majority of American consumers know that fossil fuels created the wealth that gave us the standard of living we enjoy today. Intermittent renewables are not a dependable source of electric power generation available to grid managers in this geographical area.

If activists were concerned with clean energy they would have embraced a natural gas pipeline that would lower CO2 emissions compared to fuel oil and make it possible to do better than a Walmart in a space reserved for industry. Political leaders from the attorney general's office to local state representatives appear obsessed with maligning energy companies and less with the profit producing capitalism that creates the wealth they are eager to tax and consume.

We can make our voices heard at the polls by supporting the few candidates locally who have created business plans and made payrolls. Worshipping at the altar of global climate change is hurting the New England economy and costing the region needed jobs by denying or delaying energy infrastructure needed for growth.

John Carroll, Dalton


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