Letter: Clinics provide Lee with lesson in democracy

Clinics provide Lee with lesson in democracy

To the editor:

Pittsfield has approved three sites to dispense medical marijuana. Adams is considering a bylaw and other communities have approved bylaws even if no takers have come to place dispensaries there.

Lee is arguing about letting a dispensary into a corporate park. Many claim Lee will become like Pittsfield or Springfield with gun fights and mayhem. Well, here are the facts.

By roughly 63-37 percent, a 2-to-1 margin, voters supported allowing dispensaries in the commonwealth. I voted against it. Only two communities failed to support it. In the Berkshires, we mirrored the state, with most communities voting about 2-1 in favor, and ALL voted in favor. Lee voted 2-1 to allow dispensaries.

Lee and every other city and town in Berkshire County need to find ways to allow these facilities to exist. Non-voters voted. They essentially say, whatever the group decides is OK with me. That is the reason why 200 people out of 4,000 voters in Dalton decided an issue as emotional as the banning of circus animals from performing.

Another message here is: If you don't want me voting for you, then get off your lazy butts and go vote. I write enough letters for folks to know that I am not afraid to stand for what I believe in, and since I turned 18, I have always voted. I love low turnouts, they make my vote count more.

As far as the good citizens in Lee who are afraid of the dispensary coming to town — tough. You should have thought about that before you voted for the law, or stayed home and let others decide. Did you actually think this stuff would come via Fed Ex like your ExpressScripts package? You are naive to think that a town the size of Lee would go unserved.

Your efforts would be better directed to make sure the facility that does come is an asset to the town and not a liability. With a 2-1 approval rate, it is unlikely that the majority of folks oppose these facilities or the use of medical marijuana, so fighting the inevitable seems ludicrous.

Dave Pill, Pittsfield


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