Letter: Clinton Foundation earned its A rating

Clinton Foundation earned its A rating

To the editor:

There is a whirlwind of misinformation circulating about the Clinton Foundation.

I trust the independent analysis by Charity Watch to give me the facts. This organization has a pristine reputation and deserves it. Ninety five percent of the support comes from small individual donations. The Charity Watch standards for evaluating charities are considered the most stringent in the sector. They conduct in depth financial analyses of audited financial standards — documents that are indispensable to any charity evaluation since they contain financial and other reports so donors will know how charitable dollars are really being spent.

The board of directors does not include any heads of nonprofits who receive their pay from groups they are watching, giving Charity Watch the freedom to speak openly and be critical of charities without concerns for special interests cutting their funding.

It gave the Clinton Foundation an A rating. This means something, folks. This tells us the funds are actually going where the donors intended and that salaries are also accountable. It is difficult to achieve an A rating. It is surprising how many popular organizations do not get this A rating. The American Red Cross gets an A-, the National Audubon Society received a B+. The March of Dimes Foundation is rated B-, Mothers Against Drunk Driving got a C-. The Clinton Foundation was awarded an A without any disclaimers.

One can marvel at some not-for-profit CEO salaries. The president of United Way Worldwide takes home $1.1 million annually. The chief of staff of Shriner's Hospital in Chicago pulls in $1.4 million a year according to the latest issue of the comprehensive report. Clinton Foundation staffers are not listed because its salaries are not out of line. The lowest one reported from other charities was more than $800,000, so the Clinton Foundation had nothing like that to report.

The Clintons may be judged with a critical eye on other matters but leave the Clinton Foundation also. It is the real deal!

Bobbie Hallig, Mount Washington


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