Letter: Clinton is leader with experience, passion

Clinton is leader with experience, passion

To the editor:

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person on the planet to be the next US president. She has the breadth and depth of experience that is comparable to absolutely no one else in the field. I trust her to lead our country.

Secretary Clinton reflects my progressive values and has the ability to accomplish our shared goals of addressing income inequality, debilitating college debt, environmental injustice, our crumbling infrastructure and our terrible campaign financing laws. And in the complicated, sometimes scary world that we live in, I trust that Secretary Clinton has an understanding of international issues and the problem-solving ability to keep us safe.

It was only 12 years ago that I began my political career with a grassroots organization whose aim was to take on the local political establishment. What the leadership of the WHEN! organization proposed caught fire in a climate of frustration in the city. You might say it was a little revolution right here in our own community.

Now, I have the honor of serving Pittsfield as your state representative (and I am proud to say my fellow WHEN! candidate serves in Pittsfield's corner office). I do so fighting for a progressive agenda on Beacon Hill — on gender issues, social justice, environmental justice, economic justice. I know that fighting for justice means that I am given the label of liberal, and it is a term I wear as a badge of honor.

So, as a relative newcomer and someone with solid progressive credentials, I support the candidate who has fought her whole life for the values I care about. I appreciate and admire the outstanding message that Sen. Sanders has proclaimed and I applaud the activists who are rallying in support of that message. At the same time, I understand that it takes much more than messaging and ideals to lead this country and the free world.

Leadership takes a combination of experience, wisdom and the willingness to work with others — even those with whom you don't always agree. Leadership is the ability to take a hit and get back up. Leadership is fighting for values that are not always the most popular, but are the right thing to do. Leadership means going beyond the sound bite to understand the myriad of details and the deep consequences of the complex issues that we face. Leadership means that proposals that you put forward can stand up to the scrutiny of experts and that the numbers will add up.

Hillary Clinton has those leadership qualities. She has the experience. She has the passion and the fortitude. I trust her to take our progressive ideals and turn them into the reality that will impact our everyday lives.

I'm proudly casting my vote for Hillary in the March 1 Massachusetts primary and I ask you to join me.

Tricia Farley-Bouvier, Pittsfield The writer is a Democratic state representative.


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