Letter: Clinton will shine in a fair debate

Clinton will shine in a fair debate

To the editor:

I was told by a dear friend that Monday night's debate would be a farce. I hope it will be anything but that. If we're lucky, Donald Trump will fall all over himself trying to act as though he knows the issues. Hillary Clinton will shine with her in-depth knowledge of the issues and exactly how she would go about solving them.

Mr. Trump has learned to read a teleprompter well enough to give the impression that he knows what he's talking about. When he has to respond off the cuff, I hope it will be obvious to those who are impressed by him that he can't stand on his own without someone's help.

Hillary Clinton's reputation has been massacred — in the primaries, opponents shouted out anything they felt like without being corrected. I don't remember Hillary's supporters acting like fans at a boxing match and she would have called them out if they had. With all the good she's done the past 40 years, some people would rather believe anything they read or hear.

I don't say this because I am a woman and want to see the election of the first woman president. Although that would be nice, I am for Hillary because she is eminently qualified and has shown she can stand up to scrutiny and still maintain her resolve.

Many older men can't fathom the thought of a woman president. After all, aren't we supposed to be "the little woman at home" or as the old saying goes "barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen"? I am who I've always wanted to be — a wife and mother. That has been fulfilling and wonderful. But I recognize there are intelligent, capable women who are willing to do the hard work when they see things that need changing.

Hillary is one of those women. The debate should be enlightening if Mr. Trump doesn't manage somehow to obstruct justice once again.

Connie Dillon Yannone, Pittsfield


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