Letter: Clinton will take on government dysfunction

Clinton will take on government dysfunction

To the editor:

Over a dozen years ago I watched, with much frustration, our City Council meetings. The Council had become so dysfunctional that nothing was getting done and the city was paying the price for it.

A group of women gathered and knew that an important factor in the dysfunction was the complete lack of diversity. They knew that putting a group of people together with different backgrounds, genders and races more often than not would bring about ideas, solutions and better collaboration.

That small coalition of women grew to include hundreds, if not thousands, of women, people of color, and men helping to create change. Although we still have a responsibility to recruit and support candidates of color to the Council, School Committee and boards, we now have a history-making combination of four women serving on the City Council at the same time the city has a female mayor.

I am proud to have been part of that movement in Pittsfield and for years have felt our federal government needs the same attention to create and embrace diversity. For me, having an African-American president has been remarkable and now having the opportunity to elect a woman president is profoundly important to me. Nearly every Westernized country have elected women leaders who, just by their strength of understanding what they've overcome as women, bring a compassion and understanding to governing that has only bettered their countries.

I am not asking anyone to elect someone solely on gender, but when I look at the credentials of the two Democratic candidates, one is uniquely and unquestionably more qualified than the other. I know that my family, friends, and colleagues see our national politics as being exponentially more dysfunctional than those in Pittsfield a dozen years ago. We came together to create change then and we can now come together to elect our first woman president.

I hope you will join me on March 1 in casting your vote for Hillary Clinton.

Melissa Mazzeo, Pittsfield The writer is a Pittsfield city councilor at-large.


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