Letter: Clinton's greed, apathy deserved coverage

Clinton's greed, apathy deserved coverage

To the editor:

Over the entire presidential campaign season, faithful readers of The Berkshire Eagle who support Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump have been subject to a steady stream of attacks against their character, while Hillary Clinton has been treated as if she has no flaws.

In 2014, Mrs. Clinton spoke at the Long Beach (California) Boys & Girls Club, charging a fee of $200,000. Her convenient excuse for that fee was that the money she collected would be sent to the Clinton Foundation. Sadly, the Boys & Girls Club lost nearly $100,000 as the revenue from Mrs. Clinton's event didn't cover expenses.

It was also reported that Mrs. Clinton spoke for less than 20 minutes and never met with the children of the club. Conversely, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke at that same Long Beach Boys and Girls Club, charging a fee of $60,000, spent three days visiting the club's children, while reportedly donating back every dollar.

Most Berkshire Eagle readers I know are big fans of the Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club because we know the tremendous work it does to help underprivileged and minority children. I'm fairly certain they would not approve of Mrs. Clinton's actions. The Eagle has a responsibility to report that story, but many of us readers know they won't, and that's an attack on our intelligence.

Jim Massery, Pittsfield


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