Letter: Clinton's run for president is a natural 'career move'

Clinton's run for president is a natural 'career move'

To the editor:

I have heard political commentators and others question Hillary Clinton's motives for running for president. In the hours before her convention speech last week, David Brooks said something to the effect that Clinton needs to tell us why she's running for president and show us that it's not just a "career move."

What's wrong with making career moves, especially when your career is public service? And where else does Brooks suggest Clinton turn when she has already served as a U.S. senator, secretary of state, and first lady?

Has the same concern ever been expressed toward a male candidate? The presidency was certainly a career move for Barack, Bill, the Georges, Jimmy, Ronald, and so on, as well as for all of those who challenged them (Ralph, Al, John, Mike, Bob, Jeb, Walter ).

I am voting for a tidal shift, one where the silenced have a voice, and the talkers listen (so they can hear the roar).

Suzanne Fowle, Housatonic


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