Letter: Colorful crosswalks can save lives, reduce injuries

Colorful crosswalks can save lives, reduce injuries

To the editor:

Having seen what has happened in Great Barrington with near-fatal accidents involving pedestrians, who were in the middle of crosswalks, I am reminded of how we tried to solve the problem in Pittsfield.

Thanks to then-City Councilor Gary Grunin, who I had the pleasure to serve with for many years, the crosswalks were painted bright blue. This was immediately noticed by anyone driving around Pittsfield. It did not prevent every accident, but was valuable in reducing crosswalk incidents and preventing tragedies.

The cost was minor, did not require additional staff, and it worked. Try it, you'll like it.

James M. Boyle, Cheshire The writer is a former Pittsfield city councilor.


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