Letter: Column makes light of Mt. Greylock's problems

Column makes light of Greylock's problems

To the editor:

I must question your choice to publish a fictionalized interchange between two dead men as a "commentary" on the Saturday, Jan. 9 editorial page. ("Josh, Eph, address school funding.") This commentary was simply an attempt to discredit the much-needed new Mount Greylock High School. This piece Bob Barton of Lanesborough and in no way hid Mr. Barton's feelings about the project.

I assume Mr. Barton has never actually been inside Mount Greylock, as he fails to grasp just how sorely a new school building is needed.

My father graduated from Mount Greylock in 1973, and it is odd to me to walk the very same halls and trod the very same tiles that he walked on over 40 years earlier. The problems with the building are numerous, and I sincerely hope that Mr. Barton's beliefs will not hinder the education I deserve.

I feel that learning in a decrepit building poses a further challenge to my education. In fact, the building's shortcoming have literally prevented students from going to school. In September of 2013, school was closed because the uninsulated walls led to dangerous humidity levels. I personally experienced that day, and I can say that walking through puddles on my way to class did not encourage me to learn. I might also add that a locker room ceiling fell in. What must it take for people around the district to recognize that Mount Greylock is quite literally falling apart?

Mr. Barton's article was actually quite humorous to me. In my study of AP European History at the high school, I have learned that history tends to be written by the victors of a conflict. Mr. Barton's piece was told as a humorous exchange between two dead "victors" who both left their mark on the history of the county. I sincerely hope that the victors of this conflict will be the proud, well-educated, well-prepared graduates of Mount Greylock Regional High School.

Tenley Smith, Williamstown The writer is a sophomore at Mount Greylock.


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