Letter: Columnist overlooked Pittsfield's positives

Columnist overlooked Pittsfield's positives

To the editor:

Alan Chartock's latest column ("I Publius: Great Barrington has the best Berkshire's have to offer" Nov. 21) rated several Berkshire towns in search of "..which town is the best in the Berkshires"? Lo and behold Mr. Chartock proclaims his beloved Great Barrington to be just that with his primary justification for this title being:

* "We still have too many drugs but the situation does seem better."

* "Great Barrington boasts a wonderful little hospital......."

* "It has the Triplex Cinema."

* "It has Lake Mansfield and civic leaders to keep it pristine."

* "It has good bagels."

* "It has Guido's."

* "It has a lot of great restaurants and coffee shops."

* "It has Bard's College at Simon's Rock."

* "It has great public schools...."

And my favorite.....

* "It used to have the best Friendly's in the world....."

Reading further, Mr. Chartock's rating for Pittsfield simply states, "Pittsfield has a long way to go....it has the Colonial Theater. It has a fine museum. But it has way too many drugs and too much crime."

I do not disagree that Great Barrington is a nice town, amongst many in our Berkshires. I simply would like to enlighten Mr. Chartock on just some of the many attributes of Pittsfield that unquestionably make it one of many nice towns/cities that comprises this great county:

* Pittsfield has a large, state-of-the-art, renowned teaching medical center.

* Pittsfield has a beautiful and modern cinema, the Beacon.

* Pittsfield has beautiful Pontoosuc Lake and Lake Onota.

* Pittsfield has grocery shopping galore, from big chain markets like Price Chopper, Stop & Shop, The Big Y, to specialty stores like Berkshire Organics.

* Pittsfield has many great restaurants, pubs, diners and coffee shops.

* Pittsfield has Berkshire Community College.

* Pittsfield has the Barrington Stage Theater.

* Pittsfield has a newly renovated downtown and is getting better all the time.

* Pittsfield has arguably the newest and nicest hotel in Western Mass., Hotel on North.

* Pittsfield has historic Wahconah Park.

* Pittsfield will soon have the carousel.

* Pittsfield has one of the best small city July 4 parades in the nation.

* Pittsfield has the wildly popular Third Thursdays, ethnic fairs, art walks.

* Pittsfield boasts five golf courses with spectacular views of those beautiful Berkshires.

And if Mr. Chartock has a hankering for a good burger and some delicious ice cream...

* Pittsfield still has one of the world's best Friendly's!

TJ Chiaretto, Pittsfield


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