Letter: Columnist overstates U.S.-Israel enmity

Diehl overstates U.S.-Israel enmity

To the editor:

On the op-ed page of the Sept. 10 Eagle there is a commentary by Jackson Diehl entitled "The Bibi-Barack end game" which states: "Netanyahu has haunted and taunted Obama since he took office." This is insulting to both Obama and Bibi.

President Obama is not so easily "haunted." Prime Minister Netanyahu has clearly stated the Israeli government position on the Iran nuclear deal and other subjects as facts and never to "taunt" the American president.

Mr. Diehl ignores three important facts:

1. Since Israel's birth, the U.S. has been Israel's major ally.

2. Israel is the U.S.'s most loyal friend in the Middle East.

3. Both countries are true democracies and there is a great deal of mutual respect between the two peoples that overrides temporary differences between their two elected leaders.

Diehl claims Obama holds a "hole card" — a plan for Palestinian statehood. This ignores the reality that a two-state solution will only result from face-to-face negotiations between Israel and so-called Palestinians and cannot be imposed by third parties. What Diehl calls 1967 borders are actually 1949 armistice lines.

Finally, Mr. Diehl suggests that Obama put pressure on Netanyahu to accept a U.S. two-state solution by accelerating the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. This movement targets the economic destruction of Israel. Hardly what a friendly country would foist on an ally.

Mr. Diehl harms our country by spreading misinformation about an important ally.

Martin Silver, Lenox


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