Letter: Comparisons to Trump insult New Yorkers

Comparisons to Trump insult New Yorkers

To the editor:

Although Alan Chartock's portrayal of Mr. Trump's questionable and undesirable character is on point (Eagle, Jan. 9), I am deeply offended by his attribution of Trumps's plethora of obnoxious behaviors and bigoted beliefs to that of being a New Yorker.

I generally enjoy reading Mr. Chartock's thought-provoking and often humorous comments, but stating "New Yorkers like brash characters — like Trump" is pure trash. Please.

As a former Manhattanite who is familiar with the lifestyles and character of the citizens of the surrounding New York communities of Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, do not make a prejudicial statement such as "New Yorkers often worship success." Furthermore, labeling New Yorkers as possessing similar character to a man who has bigoted thinking, dictator-like public tantrums and insults, and feels he is superior because of his bank account is simply disturbing on so many levels.

Charismatic Trump? Hardly the adjective I would choose, and hardly the rhetoric I would expect from a regular contributor to The Berkshire Eagle. What a disappointment.

Christine J. Kleinerman, Lee


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