Letter: Comrade Trump must have plenty to hide

Comrade Trump must have plenty to hide

To the editor:

Donald Trump has shown his true colors by confirming his admiration for his apparently close buddy the dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin. To me, this admiration suggests that Trump yearns to assume a similar role in the United States.

In addition, I wonder whether Trump has extensive undisclosed dealings with Russia, just as his former campaign manager had. If that is not the case, why doesn't Trump release his tax returns as every other candidate did? The IRS has indicated that there is no reason that returns being audited may not be publicized. Therefore, what are you hiding, comrade?

Trump apparently cannot stop bragging about how wealthy he is, and his investments are probably international, ranging beyond Russia alone. I wonder whether Trump is concealing his income tax returns because he wants to hide those investments? Then, if elected, Trump's decisions could favor his pocket book rather than the United States and no one would be any wiser because the investments stayed concealed.

Sigmund Tobias, Pittsfield


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