Letter: Concerned about Log Homes site


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I live directly opposite the New England Log Homes site being developed by the Community Development Corp. of Southern Berkshire. The former owner years ago left town with unpaid taxes and also left the site contaminated with toxic waste.

For many years the other taxpayers, and myself living on Bridge Street, had to worry regarding our health. I couldn’t attend the CDCSB meeting at the Great Barrington Mason Library due to an allergy I developed when it began cleaning up the contaminated New England Log Home Site.

I have been suffering with this allergy now ever since the remediation option to eliminate the dioxins began. I have been suffering with a cough and often losing my voice. It seems to me whatever was used certainly didn’t help many of us here on Bridge Street. I know many people living on Bridge Street and other streets near also have been having health problems.

I am writing this letter because I couldn’t attend the meeting to express myself. I am deeply concerned as to what will be built and how it perhaps will make many problems with many cars going in and out, making Bridge Street a very noisy place to live.

It is sad that a person can own a property, and leave it with unpaid taxes, and more important leave it with dangerous toxics. It is also very sad that our taxes go to pay for the cleanup.


Great Barrington


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