Letter: Consider all factors in Lenox band decision

Consider all factors in Lenox band decision

To the editor:

The disappointment and frustration expressed by many over the Lenox Memorial Middle & High School band not participating in the Lenox Memorial Day parade is, I fear, misdirected.

Given small class sizes and the wide range of activities available, the music director has always had an extremely difficult job mustering enough students to have an effective band program. A stick has always been used to "encourage" participation in the parade as an essential part of being in the band.

Despite this, students, with their parents' consent, have always skirted their responsibility to participate in some of the activity on Memorial Day. Should we enforce some stronger mandate for parade participation we'll likely see band membership shrink further, leaving us again with no band for the parade.

What we're experiencing is the result of a too small student population to effectively carry on all the programs and activities that we've demanded be offered by our school. School administrators making the parade a priority will accomplish nothing if parents undermine those efforts. And despite everyone's best intentions and efforts, we'll continue to be disappointed if we don't match our school programs to today's conditions.

Chuck Koscher, Lenox


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