Letter: Costly drugs an Obamacare side effect


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

My former employer, General Dynamics, will discontinue its retiree health care program at the end of March. It has been a good program and I hate to lose it. I don’t blame GD. GD will give me a voucher that is more than enough to cover the premiums of replacement plans. I blame Obama.

I had to investigate alternative plans to replace the GD plan. The available Medigap plans were fine. But when it came to plans for prescription drugs a problem became evident. None of the available plans cover anything but generic drugs.

I generally use generic drugs, but my wife has MS and there are no generic drugs for treatment of MS. Until last year she was on Copaxone, covered by the GD plan with a co-pay of $100 per month. I entered Copaxone into the best available drug plan and confirmed that it would not be covered, and that my cost would be $88,000 per year. Many other MS drugs and drugs for cancer and other serious diseases are similarly expensive.

Not all proprietary (non-generic) drugs are this expensive, but your ability to include them in your insurance plan has been taken away. Rationing of health care has begun. Now it’s drugs, next time it will be surgery.

Another side effect of Obamacare.




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