Letter: Council choices reflect needed change


I read with disappointment the Jan. 18 editorial in The Berkshire Eagle regarding City Council subcommittee assignments ("Council assignments speak volumes"). When I began the first regular meeting of the 2014 City Council, I meant it when I said that it is important for the Council to work together. Council subcommittee assignments reflect changes that will allow councilors to be exposed to new assignments, therefore allowing them to share their strengths and experience in other areas, instead of continually remaining on the same committees throughout their tenure on the Council. Why is this not considered a positive thing?

I also felt it was important to rotate chair/vice chair posts, again to allow some councilors to develop their skills leading a subcommittee. Councilor Amuso, as you know, has past experience chairing the School Committee, and I am looking forward to seeing how she will transfer those skills to the Council. Unfortunately, reading the editorial insinuates that these councilors are not up to the task of chairing a committee, which could not be further from the truth. Again, it was very disappointing and surprising that the perception would be that these decisions were politically motivated, and it continues to label individuals as supporters or dissenters of one group or another instead of what we all are -- city councilors.

Contrary to what The Berkshire Eagle may think, sometimes change is necessary to grow and move forward.



The writer is president of the Pittsfield City Council.


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