Letter: Councilor resolves fence safety issue

Councilor resolves fence safety issue

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Richard Hiam's letter to the editor on Nov. 6 ("Part of median strip is a traffic hazard.") I too noticed this same problem on Oct. 17 while trying to make the left from East Street onto Bartlett Avenue.

When I arrived at my destination I was talking about the line of sight issue and City Councilor Melissa Mazzeo overheard my complaint asked a few questions and said she'd look into it. Next I saw her she had driven by, acknowledged the issue, and had spoken with the appropriate city department. The offending portion of the fence was removed on Oct. 30.

My recommendation to all, in lieu of sending a letter to the editor regarding a safety issue, call a city councilor.

Jay Marion Pittsfield


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