Letter: Cruel treatment of valuable animal


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

I recently found two dead beavers with their tails severed on Rte. 20 in West Becket. The most recent one was laying on the side of the road, under the turnpike underpass, just past Greenwater pond. It was not a victim of roadkill. This particular beaver was lying over the top of tire tracks, not embedded as roadkill would have been. Its head appeared to be bludgeoned and the tail was completely gone with a clean edge wound remaining. There was still blood from the beaver in a pool of mud next to some beer cans.

The other tailless beaver I found Sunday morning while collecting my Berkshire Eagle. I hoped that it was not the "smiling beaver" I had posted to FaceBook just two weeks ago, I will never know because the tail with its distinctive nick on the left side was no longer attached to the body. I cried and prayed that it was smiling in heaven now.

I realize there are many people in the Berkshires that hate beavers. But is desecrating and possible murdering them the answer? It is against the law for common citizens to disturb any beaver habitat area. And trapping season was over on Easter Sunday.

Remember, beavers are one of the main reasons we have such rich soils and landscapes in the Berkshires. The beavers helped create our farmlands, they build the dams and create ponds that help develop the watersheds that supply us with drinking water.

Think of that if you hear of someone bragging about cutting off a beaver’s tail. I am sure they want everyone to know just how tough they are.




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