Letter: Customer service lives on at Lee Bank

Customer service lives on at Lee Bank

To the editor:

A couple of weeks ago, late on a Friday afternoon, I went to Lee Bank on Park Street in Lee to withdraw cash for a purchase I was going to make the next day. It was one of the older model ATM machines that took your card in, instead of a swipe which I was used to.

I was in a hurry, so I took the money and ran, forgetting to reclaim my card. I didn't notice this until I went to reach for my ATM card a couple of hours later. Here it was Friday night, the bank was closed, and I had to be back in North Carolina by Sunday night, and I had no ATM card. I totally depend on my ATM card since everything is attached to that account. I was in despair.

I decided to take a stab in the dark figuring I had nothing to lose. I went online and found out who the president of the Lee Bank was. I called him and told him my story to his voice mail. I was sitting there depressed when the phone rang. A woman on the other end said she was from Lee Bank and told me she could meet me at the bank in 15 minutes! I was amazed! Where else would you ever get service like that? So at 8:15 on a Friday night I got my ATM card back.

Customer service lives at the Lee Bank and I will always keep an account there.

Walter Palmer, Wake Forest, N.C.


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