Letter: Dalton benefits from circus


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

Each year, the Dalton Lions Club circus provides many benefits to local businesses. The circus buys 1,000 gallons of fuel from Brown Oil, hay for the animals at Holiday Farm, food for workers. The circus workers and performers use local businesses to do their laundry, eat out and do some shopping.

The Circus Fans of America, over 40 strong, came for the weekend, stayed in Dalton and ate at local restaurants. They also had a luncheon at the American Legion with 130 people attending. This does not include all the people who attend the circus and may stay in town to eat or do business after the show.

The town benefits when the circus comes to town. This has been true for the 21 years the Dalton Lions Club has sponsored the circus. We thank the Berkshire Eagle for supporting us and helping us to make this possible.

The funds raised by the Dalton Lions Club go back to help the people of Dalton and it would not be possible without activities such as this to help raise these funds.



The writer is circus chairman for the Dalton Lions Club.


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