Letter: Dalton can't do better than Boyle, Bartels

Dalton can't do better than Boyle, Bartels

To the editor:

On Monday, May 9, Dalton voters have a decision to make. Up for re-election are selectmen John Boyle and John Bartels. They face challengers who are promising change. As a lifelong resident of Dalton, I can state that both should be reelected. Both have the experience, the patience, and the desire to do what is best for the town.

These two men have gone well above and beyond what could be expected. Mr. Boyle not only investigates the issues, he walks through the town always willing to talk about the town or just the weather. He was a small businessman who now fights for other small businesses and is always advocating for the future of the town. He also tells it like it is without sugarcoating. Agree or disagree, he always does what he believes is best for the whole town.

Mr. Bartels also spends the time necessary to get the facts and explore alternatives before making decisions. He is concerned with transparency and is having office hours so he is more accessible to the public. Mr. Bartels has been an excellent chairperson for the board as directs discussions to stay on the topic at hand.

The voters of Dalton could not do any better than having Mr. Boyle and Mr. Bartels serving as members of the Select Board. Both have shown the commitment and concern to make this town proud. Re-elect both and keep this town looking into the future.

Michael J. Szklasz, Dalton


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