Letter: Dalton Lions Club is still exploiting animals

Dalton Lions Club is still exploiting animals

To the editor:

Here we go again. The Dalton Lions Club is having the Zerbini Family Circus come to town in July. The club could have chosen a circus that does not exploit animals, or that has no animals, but no.

There won't be elephants at the circus, but there will be other large animals that have no business being dragged around all over the place and are forced to appear and perform again and again.

This Lions Club branch continues to go against the recommendations of its own parent organization not to use circuses with animals as fundraisers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has cited Zerbini many times for unpleasant things.

Please teach your kids about the inherent cruelty in this practice. Explain to them that your family is boycotting the circus as a means of protesting against this cruelty — then take your kids to some fun activity that everyone can enjoy without contributing to making anyone's life wretched. It would be a wonderful lesson for the kids, and you would be their hero.

The consciousness of more and more kids is being raised about animal welfare. Don't let your kids miss out.

Cathleen Groves, Savoy


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