Letter: Dangers of single-payer on display


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

What has, and is going on, with the Veterans Admin-
istration health care corruption scandal is the direct result of having a government single-payer program.

Despite the media trying to cover up another government scandal, the truth is out about how bad the corruption is, and how many of the very people who have fought to keep this country free have been "allowed" to die while waiting for timely and proper treatment.

If a government run single-payer program cannot take care of a small percentage of our most worthy and needy citizens, what makes anyone believe Obamacare or its real intended ultimate program -- a single-payer one -- can responsibly provide medical care for the entire American population? And now add the millions of illegal immigrants to the demand for medical care, to be paid for by fewer full-time working Americans and you have the recipe for the complete disintegration of everything this country stands for.

Remember, only Democrats voted to shove Obamacare down our throats. Wanna change that? Vote them all out this year in the mid-terms and give this country a chance to get back to where it has historically been -- a center-right system which follows the Constitution and believes in individual freedom and the rule of law.

You see, while you’ve been "sleeping" the liberal progressives stole your Democratic party. Only you can get your party back by voting these extremists out and electing good, fiscally conservative, Constitution-following Demo-
crats -- or, for now, since they are not to be found running for any current office, vote for Republican candidates.

Try it. You will like the results.




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