Letter: Dark boating is a danger on Bowl


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

For many years my family has been enjoying Tanglewood’s amazing Fourth of July fireworks from our canoe out on Stockbridge Bowl. With every passing year, there are fewer and fewer boaters who have attached lights to their various watercraft (the Kripalu kayaking club is spectacularly delinquent).

This dark boating becomes even more dangerous as every boat on the lake heads back to the limited docking after the grand finale (I’m not suggesting that there be bigger docks). As well as being basic common sense it is also the law that all watercraft must have navigation lights between sunset and sunrise, whether there is anyone there to enforce it or not.

Please, for safety’s sake if you’re going out on the Bowl for the fireworks this year please find some illuminative way of letting us know you’re out there in the watery darkness.


South Egremont


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