Letter: Dark secret about Trump's popularity

Dark secret about Trump's popularity

To the editor:

Let me explain the Trump phenomenon. He says outrageous things and we get all atwitter about it and cry, "no, that's not true." But when no one is listening, many folks say, "That Trump has got it right – that's why I'd do if I were king."

Thus we get outraged reaction in the press but voter support in the polls. Trump is saying what many people wish they could say but don't dare to.

The dark side of society expressed itself in many ways. Shootings, discrimination and scandals lead to much hand-wringing but in secret there are often different reactions.

Search your souls, folks. You might secretly agree with some of Trump's mania but you can't live the kind of life you are used to if someone like him was in charge. We shall rely on innate good sense that you know that you must keep the Trumps of the world at bay.

Tom Renak, Dalton


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